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If you haven’t heard of the EWG, aka The Environmental Working Group then now is the time to familiarize yourself with this incredible organization. The EWG works behind the scenes, on our behalf to protect our health and the environment. They have a strict testing process that tests everything from water, cosmetics, cleaning products, food, pesticides and more. They work to have dangerous chemicals/toxins removed from everyday products to ensure that we, as consumers are protected. The EWG started out as 1 person and grew to millions who care about our health and the environment. 

EWG Breakdown

Let’s break it down. The EWG uses a perfected grading scale that shows us the level of safety on the products we use as consumers. When you search a product you will see a rating of EWG Verfied (which I will explain) or a score of 1-10 (10 being the worst). A score of:

  • BEST – EWG Verified, 1-2
  • HIGH HAZARD – 7-10

A product receives a score based on ingredient concerns such as :

Cancer Causing – ingredients that are linked to cancer

Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity – affects ranging from reproductive toxicity, cancers of the reproductive organs & developmental delays in kids.

Endocrine Disruption – affects on the proper regulation of hormones

Allergies & Immunotoxicity – harm to the immune system’s ability to fight of disease 

Use Restrictions – ingredients that have been restricted or prohibited in use

Neurotoxicity – harm to the brain & nervous system specifically with developmental and degenerative nerve disease.

Organ System Toxicity-toxicity to organs and their functionality 

Cellular Level Complications – affects from ingredients years after exposure 

Ecotoxicity – toxic exposure to wildlife including land & ocean animals, plants & organisms

Bioaccumluation – ingredients resist breakdown and can remain for years

Occupational Hazard – ingredients linked to long term health issues of workers who have been exposed 

Skin Absorption – ingredients that can be easily absorbed through the skin 

Contamination Concerns – ingredients exposed to contamination that may be linked to cancer

The more I read about this the more that I am grateful for the EWG. It’s clear that they truly have our health at heart. 

Let’s look at and compare two difference facial cleansers and their scores.

This is Avalon Organics Wrinkle Therapy cleanser. It has a score of 3. Not so impressive especially calling themselves organic. This is why it’s so important to do your research. Take a look at the break down in scoring:

Now let’s look at a cleanser that is EWG Verified.

beauty counter

This is Beautycounter Refresh Foaming Cleanser. As you can see it has a EWG Verified score. This means this product has been tested and has received a verification indicating the utmost safety to you as a consumer and to the environment. I must admit that I  use Beautycounter and not to build a business but because this company was founded by an incredible Lady who’s sole mission is to create products that are the safest for you and the environment. Many of their products are EWG Verified and that’s good enough for me!

Now let’s compare some well known cosmetic brands. 

mineral fusion mascara

Bravo to Mineral Fusion! They landed a EWG Verified score and much deserved. This amazing company is on a mission to provide consumers with the safest cosmetics. 

Sorry to say that L’oreal does not receive a great score for most of their products. This is just one of many popular cosmetic brands that rank poorly on safe ingredients. 


Not only does the EWG test cosmetics and cleaning products, but they also test food. The goal is to check for harmful ingredients/chemicals that are  hazardous. Here is a list of their Dirty Dozen that they look for:

  • Nitrites & Nitrates
  • Potassium bromate
  • Propyl paraban
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole(BHA)
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene(BHT)
  • Propyl gallate
  • Theobromine
  • Secret flavor ingredients
  • Artificial colors
  • Diacetyl
  • Phosphate food additives
  • Allumin additives

These ingredients cause everything from cancer to developmental issues and then some. 


Let’s talk laundry detergent. This is just 1 of many types of everyday household cleaning products that the EWG tests. I was beyond shocked to see how poorly so many familiar products rated on their scoring. For consumer products like these, the EWG scores from EWG Verified-being the best- all the way to 10 which is the absolute worst. Check out two laundry detergents in comparison.

Congrats to the Aspen company. They have created products that are EWG Verified which means safe for you and the environment. As you can see at the bottom of the pic, this laundry detergent is also GREEN CERTIFIED which means it has no toxic affect on the environment. This makes me happy!!

EPIC FAIL for this detergent by ALL. They receive a big fat F for their concentrated laundry detergent. I would rather wash my clothes in just water than use this product.

Seriously you guys, I will never sugar coat how I feel about toxic products. It’s my mission to continue to share safe products and promote the EWG. We are past due as consumers to demand products that protect our health and wellbeing not to mention the environment. Please don’t sell yourself short. You deserve the best so please shop smarter and feel better!

Check out some of my favorite EWG Verified products!

I clearly could go on and on but now it’s time for you to jump on board and do your research. Use what you have and start changing out the products you have for non-toxic ones. We were giving this beautiful planet to reside on and it’s our responsibility to preserve it.

Cheer to your best life!


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