red cabbage slaw
red cabbage slaw

Well hello red cabbage! Otherwise known as Blaukraut, this elite member of the Cruciferous family is packed with antioxidants and vitamins such as C, A and Potassium. It’s vibrant color dresses up any salad and THIS recipe is sure to dazzle anyone.

For many years coleslaw has been a delightful side to any meal especially barbecue. In my opinion, coleslaw is great any time and what I love about it, is that it’s easy and simple to make. But it’s important to approach any recipe with a healthy mindset. For example, when you are developing a recipe, make sure you ask yourself:

  • Is this gut healing?
  • Will this reduce inflammation in the body?
  • Are there essential vitamins & minerals?
  • What can I substitute for processed sugar?

There was a time when sweet treats and bread excited me, but after lifelong battle with autoimmune and Epstein Barr I was actually excited to shift my lifestyle. At some point you have to weigh in on what’s more important-a brief fix or a routine that will sustain a disease-free life. If you’re fed up with not feeling well, let that motivate you to make changes.

Cole Slaw & It's Many Options

Like I always say, you can change things up a million ways but for this recipe I’m using my favorites-green apples, carrots and raw pumpkin seeds. Nuts and seeds always add a yummy crunch to any salad. 

I chose pumpkin seeds because I LOVE them!! But let’s break down the benefits:

  • alkalining
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-cancer
  • omega-3
  • protein
  • high in zinc
  • B vitamins

Anything ANTI-CANCER, I’m down with. Be sure to purchase raw organic for optimal benefits. 

red cabbage

TIP: Be sure to core the cabbage. Trust me, you do not want to be chewing on that! Use a quality, sharp KNIFE and cut at an angle on each side of the core it then just pluck it off! It’s that easy!


I love to cut produce into thin “matchstick” pieces. They’re small enough to make it easier for digestion yet big enough to add bold color to the slaw. Choose green apples because they are lowest in fructose and won’t spike your blood sugar like a honey crisp or other options. 


I cannot live without my MANDOLINE! I use it all the time to slice veggies. For the carrots, I love making thin ribbons which makes any dish attractive.  TIP: Use your mandoline to slice long thin ribbons of carrots and zucchini. This creates a lovely salad that you can top off with any homemade dressing like my HOMEMADE DIJON VINAIGRETTE.


Once again, I cut the carrots into long, thin pieces adding to easier digestion. Like the apples, this also adds a beautiful look to your coleslaw. I don’t have mad knife skills by any means but the more you do this the easier it gets. I promise!

When I was a kid I used to pick carrots out of our garden as a snack. Nothing like home grown produce right? If you don’t have a garden be sure to hit up your local farmer’s market. Fresh, local produce is best!


cabbage salad

If this coleslaw doesn’t draw you in then I don’t know what will! The colors and flavors are so inviting but most important, the health benefits should finalize the deal!


Eating raw veggies cleanses the body of free radicals and toxins. If you have trouble digesting raw produce then take it slow. Adding a homemade dressing or even just apple cider vinegar and allowing it to marinade a while will help soften the veggies for easier consumption.



  • thinly slice each quarter of the cabbage and place into large mixing bowl
  • cut around the core of each apple and slice each piece into thin slices
  • cut slices into thin “matchstick” pieces and put in bowl
  • cut carrot in half then slice into thin ribbons on mandolin
  • cut into think matchstick pieces like the apples then place into bowl
  • add pumpkin seeds and mix everything together
  • in a smaller bowl add all ingredients for the dressing and wisk thoroughly
  • add dressing the the slaw and mix together incorporating all of the liquid
  • serve immediately or allow to marinate overnight in the fridge
  • Enjoy!

You don’t have to have all the answers but if you’re ready for change then use what you know and reach out for more ideas and tips. Even as a Functional Nutrition Coach I am always learning new ways to do better for myself and for others. 

It’s a journey for sure but you can see positive changes sooner than you think if you start to implement simple changes. 

Tried the recipe or just want to share? Leave me a comment or send me a message. I would love to hear from you!

Cheers to your best life!


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