Let’s Clear The Air

Seriously though!! Don’t you just love the vibe that plants add to your home? There’s something healing and cozy about bringing nature into a space. Oh, and let’s talk about the benefits!! Have you heard about VOC’s? VOC’s, otherwise known as volatile organic compounds are harmful gases emitted and can be higher indoors. Plants can clean the air and absorb harmful gases so it’s time to visit your local nursery and have some fun!!

Newsflash! I do not have a green thumb however, having house plants can be easy and enjoyable to take care of. Check out these 5 familiar house plants that add color and a cool vibe to any space and most importantly clean the air in your humble abode.

boston fern

Say hello to the Boston Fern. This baby will absorb harmful gases such as xylene and formaldehyde. A fern will brighten up any space but make sure it’s a fairly bright spot. Ferns love the light but don’t do well with harsh sunlight. As far as watering, ferns can be sensitive. The soil should be consistently moist except in the winter, which you should water only when dry. Be sure not to overwater. Best water is room temp and filtered and/or rain water. Basically ferns are pretty low maintenance which makes it easy for those of us without a green thumb!

peace lily

Ahhhh the Peace Lily. One of my favs!! The word Peace in itself fills my heart but this beauty will cheer up any space. The Peace Lily is a powerhouse for absorbing many gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and carbon monoxide. As far as light, keep these beauties away from direct sunlight as that will affect the leaves and flowers in drying them out. Peace Lilies require minimum care. Keep it moist by watering thoroughly and watch for drooping leaves as this is an indication of needing water.

aloe vera

Who doesn’t love Aloe Vera?!! There are so many benefits of the aloe vera plant. We all know how great it is for burns as well as the juice benefitting digestion and detoxing the body. This amazing plant will clean the air of benzene and formaldehyde thus making the air in your home much healthier to breathe. Now let’s talk light!! Typically the aloe plant requires 4-5 hours of sunlight so it’s best by a window. Make sure to water regularly but make sure it completely dries out before watering it again. Aloe vera adds a cool vibe to any space with it’s rustic look.


Hello Bamboooooooo! In my opinion, Bamboo is the coolest!! As far as cleaning the air, bamboo filters out benzene, xylene and toluene. But let’s talk about how cool it is again!!! There’s something so positive about bamboo. Bamboo thrives best in filtered rather than tap water. You can plant in water or soil but indoor bamboo are typically aquatic plants so they need to be watered with large amounts. Fill a glass container at least halfway with water so that the roots are fully submerged. Bamboo grows best in shady places so no direct sunlight as too much light can kill the plant or cause the bamboo to turn yellow. Bamboo is low maintenance and doesn’t require that green thumb we spoke of so not excuses!! Get out there and get that Bamboo!!

spider plant

And for the grand finale, it’s the ever so popular Spider Plant! This baby will absorb benzene and xylene from the air. Watering thoroughly 1 time a week will make this guy thrive. Spider plants needs bright light in order to keep their stripes but the all green version will accept a darker location. Direct sunlight should always be avoided.

There are many other options outside of the fabulous 5 I shared but these are a great place to start. Be sure to do your research if you have pets as some of these may be toxic for animals and fur babies come first!!

When going green, adding house plants is a fun and easy way to jumpstart a healthier environment and add some pizzaz to any cozy spot in your casa!! Have fun with it! Pick out some fun pottery and get a little crazy!

Cheers to you best life!



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