Brush Up On Eco Brushes!

Ok Ladies and Gents!! Best brushes ever and soooooo soft on your skin!! Listen, I am very passionate about using eco-friendly products and honestly, it is totally fun going to shop for new stuff right?!!

Don’t let the idea of going green overwhelm you. There are so many cool and affordable products out there. You just have to decide to make small changes one at a time. I promise you are going to feel great about what you are doing for our beautiful Planet.

So there is a great company called Ecotools. There products are cruelty free & vegan which means NO PRECIOUS FUR BABIES are tested on or used in the manufacturing of their products. Check out one of my favorite packs here.

They use renewable bamboo. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and release approximately 40% more oxygen into the air. After harvesting 99% of the plant is used so there is very little waste.

If you love shopping at Ulta as much as I do then you can check out Ecotools there!! Have fun Going Green!!

Cheers to your best life,



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