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I love to cozy up with a great book especially when I’m captivated from the beginning. If I’m not then I’m out! lol But honestly, I crave books that feed my Soul. Books that are magical and healing. There are quite a few authors that I adore. Too many to share but these are a few that have captivated me. They truly are living their purpose and sharing their gifts with the world.


If you aren’t familiar with Sarah then you should be. Her journey is deeply inspiring. Sarah’s Spiritual transformation through manifestation and meditation is profound. In Dear Universe Sarah shows us through mini mantras and meditations how to change our way of thinking and allow the Universe to show us our desires. Honestly, I am reading this for the second time. It’s definitely one for the nightstand and always a go-to for inspiration. Thank you Sarah!!

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Repost from @laurenhenryhealth CLEANSE TO HEAL by @medicalmedium!!!!! I could not be more excited about having this book in my hands right now and I am so excited to really dive into it! . Have you gotten yours yet?! . Just looking through it so far I can see that this book is SUPER dense in information. It answers a lot of commonly asked questions that people ask @medicalmedium, it has tons of recipes both really simple and unique, it has supplement protocols for SO many different conditions, a variety of cleanses (variations on the 3:6:9 Liver Rescue cleanse, anti-bug cleanse, heavy metal detox cleanse, etc.), information about emotions, cravings, and cleansing, and offers soul healing support too! . @medicalmedium’s 1st book is what helped me to finally start healing over 4 years ago and recover from “Lyme disease”, chronic gut issues (constipation, bloating, gas), brain fog, amenorrhea, skin discoloration, low thyroid, and more! With each new book I gain deeper insights into how the body really works and what it takes to heal, so each new book is always very exciting for me! I am already loving this one SO SO much and can’t wait to learn more and more. . Thank you @medicalmedium for your dedication to helping the chronically ill, the underdogs here on earth. To say I am grateful would be an understatement!!! You’re work is helping so many and is changing history as we speak. #medicalmedium

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I have been following this amazing Human for quite some time. Long before celery juice was all the craze I was intrigued by the many gifts of Anthony Williams. His recommendations and books have changed the lives of thousands of people-people who have suffered from Autoimmune, Epstein Barr and mysterious illnesses. His latest book is nothing shy of what we all need to do to heal our body and take our health to the highest level. CHECK. HIM. OUT!


Glennon oh Glennon! This Rockstar empowers women all over the World to surrender to their old ways of people pleasing and putting themselves last. Every woman should rise to the occasion and walk in their truth. This book is truly liberating and a MUST READ!

You can expect that when I finish these 3 Bestsellers that I will update you on what’s peeking my interest next. Until then, check out these 3 amazing reads here:


CLEANSE TO HEALTH – Medical Medium

UNTAMED – Glennon Doyle

Cheers to your best life!



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