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As someone who has suffered with chronic illness, fatigue, autoimmune Hashimoto's, mold and even cancer, I can assure you that healing IS possible. It's not about perfection. It's all about being ready to try and I'm here to support you on your exciting journey to health. Simple steps. One day at a time right?

My husband and I live in beautiful Nashville with our 2 precious fur babies, Gracie & Lila. I've come a long way with my health and I am so excited to share my story. Growing up I experienced chronic stomach aches and came to realized later in life that I was gluten and dairy intolerant. I often felt sick, overwhelmed and run down and truly never felt optimal. I suffered from chronic fatigue, Autoimmune Hashimoto's and even breast cancer. I knew that it was time to shift into gear and implement holistic practices that would take my wellness journey to the next level. I was driven to learn and received my certification as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. But I didn't stop there! I really wanted to understand how food and lifestyle changes could really get to the heart of illness and heal us. I went back to school and received my certification for Functional Nutrition through Mind Body Green. I am so passionate about living a holistic and green lifestyle focusing on eco-friendly, clean and natural products. Living in a toxin-free environment is a must!
I think it's so important for you to understand that our GUT HEALTH is key to optimal health and so I am very passionate about educating my clients and tailoring a protocol that will begin to heal their gut and reverse illness.

A funtional nutrition coach, holistic health coach & Gut health guru

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In and on our body is a community of over 1 trillion microbes. These microbes are responsible for fighting disease but when imbalanced, or what we call dysbiosis, we can have symptoms such as bloating, nausea, gas, constipation and so much more. Typically, with dysbiosis we see what's called "leaky gut" where our tight junctions in our gut lining become porous and allow food particles or endotoxins to leak into our blood stream and cause widespread inflammation. This inflammation is a precursor to diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune, alzheimer's, arthritis and even cancer.
NOW you see why I am so passionate about gut health. When we heal our gut we heal our body. Through functional nutrition we take steps to heal our gut and eliminate toxins in our body. Through a properly tailored protocol we see results and that is where your life changes! I am so excited to connect and support you on your journey.

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